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Where Basketball Happens!!

About Us

For Nearly 20 years, the individuals associated with Premier 1 Events inc. have been helping youth athletes at various levels improve their skills as well as fulfill their dreams. Our administrative staff has over 55 years of combined playing, teaching and coaching experience at the College, High school and AAU levels.

One important belief that we all share at Premier 1 is to pay it forward. As children , we all participated in youth sports, specifically basketball and as a youth one can distinctly remember various coaches and instructors who took the time each day to teach and train us to improve our game and to make us better people. It was what these individuals instilled in us that has remained constant and has compelled us to Pay It Forward to the youth today.


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Mike G

Director of Operations
Northeast Regional Director

Vinny L

Director of Operations

Maimuna K

Mid Atlantic Regional Director

Randy O

Southeast Regional Director

Patti A


Corey L

Tournament Director