Our Mission

Premier 1 Events is a family-owned & operated company with one goal in mind, that goal being to provide a cost-effective platform for our youth basketball players/teams today to come together and compete at the highest level , all while improving their individual skills. During this process, players will be preparing themselves for the next step in their venture, whether it be middle school, high school or collegiate level basketball.

Relying on past experience and expertise, Premier 1 aims to effectively establish, market, operate and manage high-quality events at top-notch facilities throughout the nation all while catering to the student-athletes, participants, fans and corporate sponsors who make the events possible

At these events, we will supply the aforementioned individuals with the highest quality service and our true 100% commitment to excellence.  Premier 1 can only accomplish these services by maintaining the premise behind this whole philosophy, and that is our youth, and their future.